Notice: This pill is not meant to prevent or cure hangovers.  It is the only pill of its kind that has been specifically designed to prevent liver damage from alcohol and help protect your liver against the long term health risks of consuming alcohol on a regular basis.

Why the Smart Drinking Pill?


It’s simple – the Smart Drinking Pill was created to prevent liver damage from alcohol.  No other supplement is specifically designed to protect the health of people who choose to drink on a regular basis. Don’t take our word for it, look around for yourself. Due to overly conservative and narrow-minded views on drinking that have been handed down with each generation here in the United States, most people don’t even consider that there could be a way to responsibly enjoy alcohol without having to suffer the negative health consequences. Most people in society are of the opinion that if you enjoy more than one or two drinks a day, then you deserve whatever you get when it comes to your health and well being. We disagree.

Look, we are not encouraging anyone to drink in excess of what is personally acceptable for him or her, and we’re certainly not encouraging anyone to indulge in a vice that has negative effects on his or her personal life, home, work, or family situation, etc. If you feel like you have a problem with alcohol, we IMPLORE you to get the help that you need. If, however, you feel that you can enjoy drinking responsibly, but you are concerned about the possible negative health consequences, then this pill is for you.

* AST and ALT are enzymes that are found in the blood. When doctors perform blood tests, they check to see what levels of these enzymes are found in order to detect liver damage. The healthy range for AST is 5 to 40 units per liter of serum. The healthy range for ALT is 7 to 56 units.

Here are the results of a blood test taken with a patient who typically consumes 30-40 drinks per week. This test was taken BEFORE using the Smart Drinking Pill. (Click Image for Closer Look)


Notice that neither the AST nor ALT numbers are in the healthy range. This is indicative of poor liver function and possible liver damage.

Now, here are the results of a blood test taken with the same patient, who continued to consume 30-40 drinks per week during the two months between tests. These are his test results AFTER continued use of the Smart Drinking Pill. (Click Image for Closer Look)


Notice that both the AST and ALT numbers are vastly improved and are now in the healthy range after only two months. This is indicative of massively improved liver health and function.





Each specially manufactured tablet (U.S. Patent Number 8298597) contains the following ingredients that have been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to help battle free radicals and toxins that cause liver damage:

MILK THISTLE EXTRACT: used to aid liver, gallbladder, and kidney function for over 2,000 years. Helps prevent cirrhosis and damage from free radicals, and is recommended by liver specialists worldwide. If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, this herb is ESSENTIAL.

Click here to read the results of milk thistle research done at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center



DANDELION ROOT: helps protect and heal damaged liver cells, promotes new liver cell growth, and strengthens the immune system. Assists the flow of bile to the gallbladder and prevents gallstone formation. Purifies the liver and all its functions.

Click here to read the results of dandelion research done at the University of Maryland Medical Center

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT: cleanses and purifies the liver. Promotes healthy bile flow to the gallbladder and helps prevent gallstones. If you consume an average of more than 10 drinks per week, you CANNOT AFFORD to go on without these nutrients.

Click here to read about artichoke extract in Healthy Beginnings Lifestyle Magazine

VITAMIN E: this powerful anti-oxidant helps prevent liver disease, protects red blood cells, and helps prevent free radical damage to cell membranes your body NEEDS to properly function.

SELENIUM: while selenium discourages both a fatty liver and cirrhosis, when paired with vitamin E, these two anti-oxidants function like one hand washing the other to PREVENT LIVER DAMAGE FROM ALCOHOL.

THIAMIN: used to help transform sugar into energy. Without thiamin, nerves do not function properly, and a plethora of mental and metabolic problems evolve and can result in lactacidosis, abnormal heartbeat, heart failure, impotence, deteriorating memory, and other mental disorders.

RIBOFLAVIN: Ever suffer from an extreme feeling of EXHAUSTION and FATIGUE after a heavy night of drinking? That’s because people who drink on a regular basis are almost always deficient in riboflavin. This protein is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to properly process both food and alcohol.

NIACIN: builds enzymes needed to process alcohol. Without it, both alcohol and food are processed improperly in your intestines and you will experience indigestion, diarrhea, as well as the possibility of dermatitis and various mental difficulties.

PYRIDOXINE: makes lipoproteins that transport cholesterol and fat, thus preventing a fatty liver and preventing poor metabolism, poor niacin, protein, and amino acid formation, decreased immunity, hypoglycemia, and poor liver repair.

CYANOCOBALAMIN: aside from throat, intestinal, and stomach ulcers, a deficiency in this essential vitamin can cause nervous disorders, bleeding gums, fatigue, and numerous other unpleasant symptoms.

Never before have all of these ingredients been available in one easy to swallow tablet. No mixing and matching pills, no trying to remember what to take and when.  If you want to prevent liver damage from alcohol, simply take one tablet daily and one more after your last drink before going to bed on nights you choose to indulge. All of our products are manufactured by a reputable lab that has been in business for over 25 years providing nothing but the highest quality supplements for your optimum health and lifestyle enjoyment.





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